Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oasis Treatment Center | Orange County, California

At Oasis Treatment Center, we regard the treatment of alcoholism & chemical dependency as a lifelong process. Our treatment helps individuals call upon their own personal, psychological and spiritual resources as a result of the following therapeutic processes:

Medical Evaluation and Treatment:
A detailed medical history of the individual is prepared which includes childhood diseases, hospitalizations, alcohol/drug abuse patterns, past treatments (if any), current medications, etc. The patient is then given a physical examination. Upon completion, recommen-dations are made to the individual and staff of how best to proceed in detoxification and recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Assessment:Patients are given a personalized evaluation for a possible secondary psychological diagnosis that may include Bi Polar disorder, anxiety, depression or others. If necessary patients are then referred to our staff psychiatrist and an individual treatment plan is established. read more